Hi, My name is Deb. I am the owner of Deb’s Rainbow Connections, a business supporting families of children with autism. I am currently working as a special ed teacher and have a diploma in ‘Teaching children with Autism’. I’m really excited to be writing a regular column for The Redcliffe Peninsula about Autism in the hope of creating more understanding and awareness. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I am a Special Education Teacher and have worked in special schools in Victoria and Queensland since 2005. During that time, I completed a diploma in teaching children with autism which developed into a passion and I am now the creator and owner of a small business called Deb’s Rainbow Connections. I chose the rainbow in the name to represent the Autism Spectrum. The word spectrum relates to the wide range of difficulties an individual with Autism may experience. These difficulties can vary hugely from child to child and just as children are different and unique in their own ways so too are the children on the spectrum.

I see myself as a facilitator to support families and children with autism. I am a mobile business so I go into their homes to support and guide with behavioural issues, helping set up routines and/or transition into educational settings. I offer a personal, caring and understanding approach to in home support.

So what is Autism? It is a lifelong developmental disorder that affects how a person communicates with and interacting with others. Communication is a huge part of how we live our lives, we are constantly communicating in various ways. A person with ASD often struggle with communicating their needs and often has difficulty in understanding what others are saying and feeling and may even struggle to read emotions on people’s faces.

Children with an autism diagnosis will never grow out of autism and will grow into an adult with autism. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them. Many people believe that autism causes challenging behaviour but it is in fact the deficits in communication and social interactions that can cause feelings of frustration, confusion and anxiety which in turn can result in behavioural responses from the child.

If you would like to know more you can contact Deb on mobile – 0402 329 951

Find Deb on facebook here- Deb’s Rainbow Connections

Deb’s website- www.autismsupport4u.com.au


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