Are honesty and integrity still in style? Far from the blather of ‘You should do this and be like this, if you want to succeed and be accepted’ kind of thinking, is a kind of thinking that will not only sit well in your gut, it will also be a huge asset to you and the kind of authentic life you want to live.

However much importance is placed of how you look, what you own, who you know, where you work – there can never been enough importance placed on the internal qualities that effect every facet of your life as well as your internal posture.

Honesty and Integrity are two of the most valuable qualities you can possess, they will serve you well for your entire life. Upon these two qualities you can build a framework, or a foundation if you will, that you can then confidently and creatively build any size dream.

Note though, that these two qualities must first and foremost be practiced towards YOURSELF.

When you are taking the time to be honest with yourself and to act with integrity you’ll quickly see that a lot of your life changes for the better and your own personal vibration rises also. There can be no higher aim than to bring about a higher personal vibration, which in turn attracts to you other things of the same vibration. It’s science, it’s real and it WILL WORK FOR YOU!

The choice is yours, it’s always been and will continue to be, YOURS.

Written by Cheryl Anderson

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