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Monica began beach yoga at Suttons beach in Margate almost ten years ago to help her recover from depression and fatigue. Yoga is about loving honouring and accepting yourself just as you are. It’s about growing yourself to be the best person you can be. Yoga is more than postures that stretch, strengthen and lengthen your muscles and joints; it’s also about being mindful and switching off stress through deep breathing. Through yoga you can lower your blood pressure, ease digestion, and promote immunity.

Yoga can be practised at any age. Our classes range from brand new babies with their mamma’s, to friends in their 70s. All of our classes have easy and harder options, so as you get stronger, you choose the stronger option. Sometimes people walk past our class and think ‘they could never do this.’ But once they’ve tried it, they are so happy they did. The best time of year is when we catch the sunrise. We stop whatever we are doing for one minute and sun gaze. Sun gazing helps us find our centre and connect.

How Yoga Switches off Stress

When you notice your breath is shorter and your heart rate higher – your stress response is being triggered. The stress response will save your life when danger is present, but when the danger isn’t real – you will still respond but without a release. Yoga is the perfect place to release stress because every posture includes deep breathing. A simple breath to release stress is to breathe in for 6 seconds and out for 6 seconds. This will help your brain and body respond to peace, and soon your heart rate will drop and your brain will switch back on. Every beach yoga class includes a 10 minute meditation.

Yoga and Your Brain

Yoga has postures for flexibility, strength, balance and recovery. Balance postures not only support the body – but the brain too. Balance postures build neuroplasticity, which is a fancy way of saying ‘growing the brain.’ Balance postures in yoga help children learn more effectively, prevents falls in the elderly, and keeps your brain active and alert. Balance postures can be easy or hard, so never worry you can’t come along to a class, because every posture can be modified to suit your body.

Yoga and Self-Esteem for children

Self-Esteem is a key factor for a successful and happy life. Emotionally intelligent children communicate effectively with each other, giving them an advantage in achieving their goals, and at the same time supporting the emotional needs of others. Emotionally intelligent children learn how to self-regulate their emotions, and accept responsibility for how they feel. Emotional Intelligence acknowledges that all feelings are valid, even the angry ones; it is what you choose to do with those emotions that builds emotional intelligence. Yoga helps to build self-esteem and emotional intelligence by helping children find love and self-acceptance. Yoga encourages non-judgment, peace, mindfulness, and caring for others. Each yoga posture is designed to support an emotional connection. For instance, your class may be doing yoga and in the last few minutes move into peaceful pose. There may be a child in your class that is usually busy, but for a few moments, moves into peace. He or she has an opportunity to ‘wire’ peace into their brain. Through consistent acknowledgement each time the child demonstrates peace (if only for a moment) the self-belief of peace grows stronger. There will come a time when this child knows what peace is, how to get there, what it feels like, and will acquire the ability to self-regulate to peace. Yoga postures cover many virtues; courage, gentleness, kindness, caring, self-reliance, resilience, self-care – and more. Each virtue can be developed through yoga. Everybody has the ability to grow their brain, character, muscles and peace. Yoga is one of the perfect platforms to help you get there.

We hold beach yoga classes five mornings a week.

We hope to see you there soon.




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