As you can all probably guess, we do yoga and massage. We also offer Pilates, meditation and a variety of workshops.

Did you know we also offer Japanese cooking classes, and Mindfulness Tours in Japan? Did you know we can offer you an authentic experience because I lived in Japan for 12 years and Ryo is Japanese?

Would you love to see Japan and experience unique cultural opportunities you may not be able to when travelling on your own?

Are you looking to feel more centred, calmer, more in control? Are you looking to cultivate conscious movement, conscious quiet and conscious stillness?

Experience the smaller towns of Japan with Japanese-speaking guides. Immerse yourself in the culture through traditional mindful arts such as calligraphy, tea ceremony, Incense ceremony, Kendo (traditional Japanese swordsmanship), traditional dyeing, and different forms of Buddhist meditation.

Do yoga in the grounds of a shrine or the main hall of a temple. Meditate on the bullet train, just being between destinations. Notice how quiet and stillness is appreciated within Japanese culture, then cultivate your own practice for at home.

Come to Japan for 7 days of Japanese mindfulness, great food, new experiences and interactions with local Japanese people. Seven days of mindfulness to allow you to appreciate Japan even more.

From our previous tour:

After mindful activities we were able to take in the beauty of our surroundings in a quiet and appreciative manner, even in crowds. Yoga or meditation brought to the fore the peace and serenity. We experienced some very spiritual moments when in temple grounds – quite special! We indulged in delectable delicacies which we would never have normally had a chance to taste. Being consciously quiet each evening brought on an inner calm prior to settling for the night. I have no doubt that the beauty of mindfully-appreciated Japan will capture the hearts of all those who visit her.”                   

Sandra Manthey, Scarborough

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We also provide Japanese cooking classes in your house with your friends and your equipment.

Learn to cook simple, traditional, delicious and healthy Japanese food. Learn the different techniques in these hands-on classes. Understand the simple tricks that will make your Japanese meals taste even more delicious.

Discover ways to make delicious Japanese food to meet your dietary requirements – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free.

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Of course, we have our yoga & Pilates classes helping you feel more comfortable moving in your body – aware of what works best for you with options offered so poses can be individualised in the group setting. We offer the space for a quiet escape, and a giggle every now and then.

The Pilates isat pre-beginner and beginner level – making sure you turn the right muscles on,and have the rest of them relaxed, to allow rebalancing of muscle strength and relaxation, so you can improve balance, strength and joint stability and move towards less pain.

If you think you can’t do yoga, please come along to see if you enjoy this mindful movement.

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Ryo has an excellent reputation as a massage therapist and Pilates instructor. He gets results or refers you to someone who can help if thinks it is more skeletal than muscular.

So please contact us if we can help you out in any of these areas



Massage: text Ryo: 0431 742 912

Classes: text Sam: 0412 515 961



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