Redcliffe born or Redcliffe-lured?

Redcliffe lured!  We moved from the Southside two years ago.  My ex-husband was a manager at the old Scarborough Hotel years ago.  We used to come over to visit his mates when the pub was still standing.  Also, I have a few friends who live here and would bring the kids over when they were little.  Two years ago, we decided to make the sea-change.  We love it here, there is so much to do for all of us and I love the community spirit.

What does your business/job involve? 

My business Master MindWaves helps people Quit Smoking, Overcome of Stress and Anxiety, Recover from Burnout, Work though Grief and Loss.  I use a number of different tools which include Counselling, Hypnosis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT), Mindfulness, Ho’Oponopono, Gratitude, Meditation, Vision Board and Law of Attraction.

I also help people discover their life purpose and align their purpose with their values to achieve their goals.  I help people understand the power of their thoughts and emotions to harness and Master their MindWaves with intention to bring into reality what they desire.  What we think is how we feel and how we feel is how we behave.  What comes first, the thought or the feeling?   Every Feeling has a trail back to a thought; however, we are not always aware of our sub-conscious thoughts until they evoke a feeling then we can follow the trail back to our thoughts.  I help people uncover and remove limiting self-beliefs so they can step into their true potential.

Suburb you live in and why you love it?

Margate –  We started out across the road from Sutton’s Beach.  We loved the proximity to everything, the beach, the markets, cafes and shops.  We moved to Margate and love the beach and walking along the boardwalk to Scott’s Point and to Redcliffe in the other direction.

How do you unwind?

Being by the ocean.  I enjoy walking by the ocean and looking at ocean.  I meditate and read. I love to go to see a good band.  I love to unwind with friends and spend time with my children.

Best Coffee in town/best watering hole in town?

There are lots of great coffee haunts:  Sebel, Oasis Café Redcliffe, Butcher Baker Coffee Maker are a few favourites.  The Redcliffe Leagues Club, Mon Komo and Sebel are good watering holes for different occasions.

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