WIN a $297 Home Electricity Usage Audit

Would you like to save money on your electricity bill to afford to get someone a special Christmas gift, go on a holiday, help with the mortgage?

Hi, I’m Les Barkla, a passionate Peninsula local with family connections here since the early 80’s.

I’ve recently reignited my energy auditing business Energy Bill Solutions to help homes and small businesses save money on their electricity, water, and gas bills. I’ve completed over 400 audits since 2009, saving people money to help make ends meet, go on a holiday, or help pay off their mortgage.

The cost of electricity is a topical issue across Australia right now with our politicians debating the best options for cheaper power for us consumers.

I constantly hear stories about families struggling with their utility bills, particularly winter electricity bills.

Believe it or not, the price of electricity is actually getting more competitive in 2018. However, consumers struggling with rising living costs can potentially save more.

Consumer savings can be increased by shopping around for the best deal, being more efficient with the kilowatts used, and looking closely at daily service charges and tariffs.

Energy retailers can offer government regulated or standard contracts, and market offer contracts.

With market offer contracts, retailers can set their own prices, contract lengths and conditions, offering incentives and discounts to encourage new customers.

I help households and small business consumers reduce their kilowatt usage by drilling down on specific costs and providing solutions, resulting in savings on electricity bills.

Firstly, there are some competitive deals out there now, like discount offers of 28% on electricity usage charges. However, consumers need to shop around, look at the fine print in the deals, find out how long the discounts apply, and check the terms and conditions before agreeing to a contract arrangement.

Secondly, many consumers are unaware that simple habit changes can save money.Typically, a large percentage of the average household kilowatt useage is for hot water, air conditioning and heating, dryers and pool pumps.

I show my customers that simple changes, like adjusting the air conditioning temperature to the recommended efficiency setting, can save around 10% for every degree change.

Thirdly, by being aware of the breakdown of electricity bill costs, like the daily service charges applied and the electricity tariffs they are on, consumers can understand more about where their bill costs lie, and alternatives available.

I know where to find savings, either via a quick walk through, or a full audit over 1-2 hours.

Recently, Farouk saved $300+ on his quarterly electricity bills.

I’d love to help you save on your energy bills.

Energy Bill Solutions

Contact: Les Barkla ph: 0410 207 879

Facebook: Energy Bill Solutions 



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