So we all know how tough it is in small business.

So much red tape! So many hurdles!

Finding new clients is getting harder and harder. We are meant to be in front of our prospective clients when they are ready to buy. But how should we be doing that?

  • Local print advertising?
  • Sponsorships?
  • Social media?
  • Google?

The first thing to think about with how to connect with your customers, is to think like your customers.

“In a recent survey 90% of respondents said they usually find service based businesses by referral from friends, family or online.”

Not one person said I look up the local paper. Today the first way people search for a local business is Google. Second is social media.

I still have many people say to me “I don’t believe in social media, so I don’t have my business on Facebook.” Remember how I mentioned that you need to think like your customer? Well you may not believe in social media, but your customer sure does. If they don’t have the social proof of a friends & family referral, they will head to social media for the confirmation.

So the 2 biggest pieces of advice I can give you right now is that you need a website & you need social media.

My Top 8 Tips on Building a Marketing Machine (ie a website that actually works for your business!)

  1. Get the basics right.

Build your website on WordPress. And I don’t mean, I mean your own hosting with a WordPress install. WordPress covers over 33% of websites today. It is by far the most stable and flexible option around.

  1. Be Goal orientated

Create your customer avatar. Build your site with the customer in mind. How would they navigate your site? What are they looking for? This is your online storefront. Make it look great and easy to navigate.

  1. Think about your SEO from word go.

Although SEO is an ongoing procedure, think about how you would like to map out your keywords before you start. PRO TIP – 1 keyword per page. If you want Google to sufficiently return results on your keywords, you will need to show you know what you are talking about for each keyword, so a new page or post for each keyword.

  1. Research the name.

Well worth thinking about buying the .com & versions straight up. Also don’t forget to buy the business name, secure the Facebook, Instagram& Twitter names too.

  1. Research your competitors.

How can you be the best if you don’t know what the others are doing?

  1. Personalization

No one wants to do business with a computer. We are looking for the human to human connection. Stock images are good, but personalised pics are better.

  1. It’s all about the content.

Websites don’t magically get found on Google. You either pay Google for traffic or you put the effort into your website. This means the site needs content. So you either need to write it or pay someone else to write it. Whatever you do, don’t copy someone else’s content. It is illegal and Google will punish you.

  1. Just get it started.

The best advice I can give you though, is just to get started doing something! Something today is better than the nothing yesterday.


How would you like some FREE stuff?

If you already have a website

If you already have a website, I am happy to supply you with a free audit so you are able to see the areas of your website that need improvement. Just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’ll organise it for you straight away.


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