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Building Resilience

with Tweens, Teens and their Parents!

For all boys and girls from 9 years old. Bring your Mother, Father, Sons, Daughters, friends and families. Because remember, it is about the conversations we as adults are having with our children too. And it is also about the example we are setting.

With so much attention on the negative experiences associated with online and face to face bullying, I believe it is time to do something positive and expose our children to some empowering messages and strategies.

What we focus on expands, and while we are focusing on the negative, we invite more negative.

Yes, it is time to instigate powerful and empowering conversations between parents and their children. Yes, it is time we started talking about what we CAN do and what is in our control, instead of focussing on what we can’t affect and what is out of our control.

It is time for a message of hope and a knowing that we are stronger than we know and we need to be exposed to concepts and strategies to work out the emotional muscle of resilience so that we may rise up and grow through the tough stuff, claim our space in the world and live our best and most rewarding lives.

Enough talking, let’s take some action here.

Julie Cross Presents:

Building Resilience within our Teens, Tweens and their parents!

Date: 22 May 2018
Location: Suttons Beach Pavilion, Brisbane North
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Date: 5 June 2018
Location: Townsville Brothers Leagues Club, Townsville
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Date: 15 June 2018
Location: Ocean International Hotel, Mackay
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Date: 20 July 2018
Location: Quality Hotel Parklake, Shepparton
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Date: 24 August 2018
Location: The Maraboon Tavern, Emerald
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