We have the privilege of getting to know so many wonderful people and when we meet someone as special as Karen, we think it’s only fair that we share her with you as well 😊

Karen was first diagnosed with MS (relapsing-remitting MS) in 2013. As the signs were not consistent, Karen experienced symptoms for more than 10 years before she received her diagnosis. The time of her diagnosis was very stressful for her, and this is when she turned to MS Queensland.

Through MS Queensland, Karen could access the information she needed to have more control of her life.  Karen has since gone on to use many services provided by MS Queensland, such as counselling, physiotherapy and NDIS planning and coordination, which she says have been invaluable in her MS journey.

Because of her MS, Karen lives with extreme fatigue every day. Her fatigue is so bad there are some days where it makes it difficult for her to walk and it has seen her have to give up some activities she once loved to take part in.

Despite her daily challenges, Karen is doing what she can to help ensure that others living with MS can access the same support services she has been able to, because she knows just how important these services are.

Not only has Karen been heavily involved in the MS Swimathon, she is also supporting the MS Brissie to the Bay by being part of the Cheer Club. To top it all off, Karen also runs the Moreton Bay MS Support Group.

Whilst she is such a great support to others, Karen says she is so thankful for the fantastic support from her husband, Ingo. Ingo first rode in Brissie to the Bay in 2017, raising over a thousand dollars.


He’s back riding again this year and says, “I have only been riding for the last 2 years and at 57 and working full time, I think the 100km will be a challenge. I think this challenge highlights what people living with MS go through every day (the pain, the fatigue and the daily struggles) which I’ll go through just on this one day for a short time only.”

Karen says, “Brissie to the Bay has drawn my husband and I closer, in what we can do together to help fight MS.”

It means so much to her to be part of your Brissie to the Bay experience and she hopes you will have as much fun on the day as she will.

Ingo, will you share your personal page with your family and friends today?  By getting even just one donation will help others like Karen receive information, services and support to help them take back control of their life.

It’s quick and easy to do.  Simply use the email template below, or click to share your fundraising page on Facebook.

Thank you for all you are doing.

Karen, Erin and Clark
Brissie to the Bay team


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