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Is all about exposing your entire body to very low (subzero) temperatures, for example below -150 degrees Celsius, for 3 minutes.  You will stand in a tank/closet-like device, wear minimal clothing and be bathed in freezing cold air for 3 minutes; it’s like taking the ultimate cold shower.

Cryotherapy benefits

Cryotherapy can ease pain and inflammation, boost recovery time post-op, improve athletic performance, improve sleep, aid blood flow and weight loss, improve skin and even ward off aging and depression. It’s been popularized by celebrities and sports stars who use it in lieu of the traditional ice bath. It is said that Cryotherapy redirects blood flow to vital organs to convincing the body that it is in danger (fight or flight response) so that it boosts its immune system and metabolism.

Cryotherapy is a more pleasant (and less time consuming) alternative to the traditional ice baths. When you step out of an ice bath your muscles and tissues can be cold for hours. BUT when you step out of the Cryotherapy chamber your body will be back to normal within 10 minutes. You don’t risk injury from being so cold and your body can recover quicker and get the exact some results as with the traditional ice bath of old.

North Lakes Cryotherapy review

So how was my Cryotherapy experience?

Lynne said “Totally invigorating!”

I had never heard of Cryotherapy before I saw North Lakes Cryo on Instagram, I was really interested and at the same time quite unsure about the whole experience. BUT I had to check it out for myself. What a cool experience (pun intended)! You will be asked to strip down and put on socks and some slippers and gloves to protect fingers and toes from the cold. Heidy will then come into the room and set the machine up and you’re ready to go. You stand upright in the cryotherapy chamber with your head exposed. Heidy is with you in the room, she chats to you for the whole 3 minutes. Three minutes is actually longer than you think when you’re in a sub-zero chamber 😉

During your Cryo session – your skin will be flushed (redness in strange areas) you may experience uncontrollable shivers, your breath may speed up, and you will feel tingling, I felt it on the front of my thighs.

Post Cryo session – I felt the tingling in my thighs for about an hour post session, I left feeling so invigorated, almost ‘high’. I did feel very tired later that day so I rested and made sure that I stayed hydrated.

Hydration is really important post all Cryotherapy sessions. Heidy from North Lakes Cryo is totally awesome; she is super-friendly extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Cryotherapy and the benefits.

I have had Trigger Finger for a few years now and after the session I had relief from it and in the days post session I gained more movement in that finger. North Lakes Cryo is a really welcoming environment and I can’t wait for my next session!

So how was my Cryotherapy experience?

Angie said – “What a Buzz!”

I was also not familiar with Cryotherapy. The days leading up to the experience, I mentioned to a couple of friends I was going to try Cryotherapy. To my surprise, a few were quite familiar with the treatment. This was mostly my friends who had family overseas. It appears that Cryotherapy is widely used and accepted in many other counties and has done for a long time. It is a very new technology in Australia, but it actually has a very long tried and tested history.

I was fairly nervous going in, I really couldn’t imagine being so cold. Fortunately, by the time we had a chat and a giggle the 3 minutes were up and it was time to hop out.

During your Cryo session – It is very cold! Not unbearably cold since it is only for 3 minutes. The most unusual this I noticed was the strange sensation in my legs. It was almost like the feeling of ants on your legs, or a bit like pins and needles. This is actually from the blood moving away from your extremities and moving closer to your bodies organs.

Post Cryo session – So this is what makes the 3 minutes of extreme cold so worthwhile. I had a bad night’s sleep the night before. In fact, I had woken about 2:30 am and not got back to sleep. Usually, this would mean I would be crashing very early in the evening. However, the invigorating & energising feeling I got from the Cryotherapy had me feeling great all afternoon and evening.

I slept really well that night and felt great for days. I have a cyst on my wrist that affects the tendon and it was definitely less inflamed for the next week. I will definitely be heading back for another round in the near future.

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