Guest post by Carolyn Moes – Certified Spending Planner

Many people I know struggle financially, so this year I’ve decided to give really useful gifts that a person would often buy for themselves anyway.

These gift ideas are not just for Christmas either! Think about what to buy for your friends and family throughout next year for birthdays and special occasions and help save them money!

So what are my Top 12 Really Useful Gifts?

·       Chemist Gift Card – these days you can buy so many useful day to day items from the chemist. Think of getting a gift card from somewhere like Chemist Warehouse, Priceline or Terry White.

·       A Grocery Gift Card – this might seem a little odd but when you think about it, how nice would it be for your friend or family member to be able to go shopping on you? The money they save that week on their groceries can then be put to another use, maybe paying down a credit card or putting money into a savings account.

·       Pest Control or Carpet Cleaning Voucher – perhaps your friend or family member is about to move house and needs to have these things done. Imagine their delight when you give them a gift that helps them out with the moving expenses!

·       Music Shop Voucher – Do they own a piano or other musical instrument they regularly get tuned or serviced? Give them a voucher!

·       Pool or Spa Shop Voucher – Do they own a pool and regularly buy chemicals?

·       A Translink Go card – help them out with their weekly travel expenses!


And for the new parents?

·       A Nappy Service – they could save $$$ on the purchase of disposable nappies and help the environment at the same time!

·       A Dinner Voucher and Free Babysitting – offer them your time and give them a Date Night!


Don’t forget the things we regularly spend money on, such as

·       Hairdressing – give them a voucher for their favourite hairdresser

·       Car Servicing – imagine their delight when they know their next car service is covered!


Other useful household gifts that can also save your friends and family money include

·       A Soda Stream – if they are a softdrink addict, give them a healthy alternative and they can make their own!

·       A Soup Maker – this was my BEST investment this year! Often my soups consisted or whatever vegetables were left over in the fridge that were looking a bit sad or tired! My husband would query the ‘green’ soup we would be having for dinner but it always tasted good!

Carolyn Moes
Certified Spending Planner
“BE BETTER THAN AVERAGE…..After discovering the secret to eliminating day to day money stress about 14 years ago I got so excited that I just wanted to share my discovery and I’ve been focused on helping people who want to be better than average ever since.”

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