Early morning walk for me in the tranquil grounds of our own Redcliffe Botanical Gardens.
Like our Redcliffe Peninsula Coast Guard the Redcliffe Botanical Gardens are maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers some of  whom helped build the gardens and forests from vacant land many years ago.

The canopy of rainforest and natives trees provide lots of shade and there is seating through the gardens to stop and enjoy nature.
The herb garden is stunning and the native bees have plenty of choice with many blooming flowers.
Redcliffe Botanical GardensRedcliffe Botanical Gardens
The little lake in the rainforest is magical. Cool and soothing.
Redcliffe Botanical Gardens
The bats of course live here too and at present there are 3 varieties which include the red bats that fly in from Cairns during the hotter weather there and push the black and grey faced bats to outer edge of the forest while they take up residency. They’re due to fly home soon but pretty to see.
Redcliffe Botanical Gardens
The Gardens are lovely to visit and I hope by sharing this for those who haven’t been or simply can’t get out and about this brings a little bit of the gardens beauty I loved to you too.

Redcliffe Botanical GardensRedcliffe Botanical GardensRedcliffe Botanical GardensRedcliffe Botanical Gardens

Location: 20 Henzell Street, Redcliffe 4020

Story by: Jenni Bennett

Redcliffe Botanical Gardens

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