What’s not to love about Scarborough? Being mostly surrounded by water, it’s one of the prettiest towns you’ll see. But, shhh, don’t let the secret out. The beaches in Scarborough are sandy and calm, perfect for families with small children to wade and paddle. Much of the shoreline is studded with Norfolk pines and shady trees in pristine parklands. Fishing was one of the main industries  originally and Scarborough still maintains a sleepy fishing village atmosphere.

Landsborough Avenue has plenty of great cafes and restaurants that boast stunning views across the bay, with Moreton Island gracing the horizon. The parklands on the beach front here are host to many events throughout the year that add to the relaxed, festive feel of the area. Pirate Park is a large enclosed park where kids can play in sandy areas or climb the historic cotton trees. With shaded pergolas and barbeques surrounding the park, Pirate Park is popular for children’s and adult parties alike. Just north of Pirate Park, in the same vicinity, there is a newly established jumping pillow for small children to play on for free. While you’re exploring this area, see if you can find the now infamous ‘Gollum Tree’.

Scarborough Our Little Secret

On the other side of the point, renowned Morgan’s Seafood sells fresh seafood straight from the trawlers and customers can eat outdoors right beside the trawlers or enjoy the park across the road that is well shaded by abundant cotton trees. This precinct also has a restaurant, function rooms and a licensed cafe near the end of the point with views across to the Glasshouse Mountains and Bribie Island. There is another park right on the point, and if you feel like being a little more adventurous, you can take a stroll on the sand bank out to the reef while the tide is out. There is plenty of parking along the reclaimed land adjacent and several shaded pergolas provide shelter while you take in the stunning views across Deception Bay.

With the recent redevelopment of the historic Scarborough Hotel and other unit developments in the area there is no shortage of accommodation for tourists.

Article by – Barbie Young

Photos by – Renee Lord


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