These smoothie balls are life changing

Smoothies are the perfect meal, they are healthy, delicious, fuss-free and easy to eat on the go meals when you are pressed for time.

These smoothie balls are pre-portioned boosters that drastically cut down on your morning prep time. They also add a dose of superfood nutrition to your smoothie. Simply toss them in your blender with a little fruit and some water and blend.

I highly recommend playing around with flavors and switching things up to make sure you’re always getting different nutrients in your diet.


1 cup Medjool dates
1 cup Dried apricots (these add a yummy creamy texture)
1 cup Raw Almonds
½ cup Raw Mixed Nuts
¼ cup LSA
½ cup hemp seeds (I use Oh So Natural Wholefoods from Aldi)
3 tablespoons Flaxseeds
3 tablespoons Chia seeds
1 teaspoon Cinnamon


1 Blitz all ingredient together in the food processor
2 Roll the mixture into large balls, approx. 10/15grams per ball
3 Place the balls in an airtight container and keep them in the refrigerator or freezer
4 When you need to make a smoothie, put one bomb into the blender with your favorite ingredients.

To make my daily smoothie I like to add one cup of almond milk (currently using and loving Almo almond crème), one frozen banana, one scoop of protein powder (I use WelleCo) and one of your smoothie balls. You can add frozen berries for a flavor change.

I vacuum sealed mine using the Kmart Vacuum sealer to keep them fresh longer.

These Make-Ahead Smoothie Bombs are perfect, just pop them in a blender with some liquid, blend for about a minute, enjoy! Ultra-smooth, perfectly thick, and utterly delicious smoothies ready to go.


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