Summer on the Peninsula with Kids

Summer is here.

Well not quite, but everyone knows that spring in Redcliffe is actually just a bonus summer.

Whatever the season, I thought I’d share some warm weather tips.  Tips that I’ve managed to acquire in my almost 6 years of parenting on the Peninsula.

After all, it’s always great for us parents to have a few good tricks up our sleeves.

Bulk buy hats for your kids.

It’s too hot to leave the house without a hat, but kids and hats just don’t mix.

I can almost guarantee that you will need approximately one hat per week of summer.

And thongs too come to think of it.

I remember fondly the time that the kids thought it would be a good idea to bury everyone’s shoes at the beach.

They spent about 20 minutes digging around for them before giving up and doing the barefoot hot asphalt dance to the car.

(P.S. if you find my kids thongs at Suttons beach, just toss them.  The kids no doubt grew out of their shoes 10 minutes after burying them.  Unless you have small feet and really like fluffy unicorn slippers.  Then they’re all yours!)


Whether it’s in a drink bottle (that you forgot at home, so need to buy a $5 one), or in a pool or sprinkler, water is the lifesaver of summer.

We have a gorgeous lagoon and amazing beaches perfect for little ones to splash in, right here at our doorstep.

But oh my God, how hard is it to get shoes on two kid’s feet at the same time? (I take my hat off to anyone with more than two sets of feet to shoe up each morning!)

Then there are snacks, sunscreen towels and the rest of the two suitcases worth of stuff needed for a 20 minute splash in the water.


That’s why some days I make the most of the water we have right here at home.  Sprinklers (especially under the trampoline) are a big winner around here (please hold off water restrictions!)


When I’m super lazy, and the kids are super irritable, I’ll chuck them in the bathtub.

It gets their nightly bath out of the way, plus if you add an old toothbrush and some of their toys to ‘wash’ you usually get an extra half an hour and some clean toys out of them too!

Practice putting sunscreen on your toddler.

I recommend doing this by greasing up your hands, then attempting to hold one of those big squishy jellyfish that you see down by the waters edge (please don’t really do this!)

I’ve tried the spray on sunscreens, and besides the inevitable spray in kids eyes and mouth, you need almost a whole can to get a sun safe coverage.

My go-to is long sleeved rashies and long board shorts.

Then go in for a surprise attack of sunscreen from behind.  Aim for all uncovered areas and work fast!

As a pro tip, I dress my girl in boy’s board shorts.  More fabric equals less sunscreen application needed.

Buy a good vacuum or accept that your house will look like the Sahara Desert for the next few months.

If you have sandpit loving kids like me, this is actually a year round tip.

Cordless vacuums are the bomb and worth their weight in gold! That is all you need to know.

If you put a stick in something, then freeze it, it magically becomes an ice cream!

Ok, there seems to be a bit of an age limit on this one.  My youngest is now 4 and has well and truly cottoned on to the fact that a bit of frozen watermelon is a far cry from Mr. Whippy’s choc coated delicacy, but she’ll still eat the icy cold watermelon on a hot day.

Any kind of melon will work.

Or banana.

Pineapple is delicious.

Hell when I’m in a pickle ill just give the kids a bowl of frozen blueberries and chuck some ice magic choc topping on it (ok, this one is usually for me not the kids. Once they see mine though I kind of have to make them one as well..)


There you have it, some of my favourite life saving tips for keeping the kids alive and happy during the summer months.

Godspeed to you all.



Veronica is a magical person that manages to keep two children with death wishes and her fiancé alive on a daily basis. Along with her usual parenting duties, she also works as a freelance writer and copywriter, and manages her website under the alias of Mrs. Piggy. If you would like to get in contact with her, you can email her at [email protected]


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