First, let me come clean, I had never had my cards read until one night recently at HOLY HAIR Redcliffe. Now let me tell you it was really a lot of fun, my friend Carmel has been reading cards for years so when she asked me to come along to one of these evenings I jumped at the chance.

Tarot cards have a rich history spanning centuries. They came to popularity in the 15th century, according to Wikipedia. Today, in English-speaking countries, tarot cards are predominantly used for divinatory purposes, and are still used as fun playing cards in European cultures.

When it was my turn I was asked to be seated opposite Carmel and she handed me a deck of cards to shuffle, I was told to think about ‘something I wanted to know’. Epic failure on my part, I couldn’t think of anything I actually wanted to know about, so after I fumbled the cards over and over Carmel suggested I think of ‘something I enjoyed’. Now that was easy! My mind went straight to the beach and walking my dog along the foreshore.

After I shuffled the cards for what seemed an eternity Carmel instructed me to place the cards on the table using only my left hand and then to cut the deck into three using my left hand. Once I did so she picked up the cards, dealt them onto the table and started my reading.

The first card was a person with a dog…….freaky hey! Now I’m not going to share all the details with you, but I will say I was really surprised and impressed by the accuracy of the reading.  I wasn’t the only one impressed , Carmel was spot on with all the other 9 ladies there on the night!

Whether or not you’re a believer or not an evening spent with friends with good food & wine is the perfect setting for a card reading, and it’s a lot of fun!

Carmel is available for parties and group bookings call 0417 758 221

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