Hi, my name is Carolyn Moes and I’m known locally as ‘The Money Lady’.

My husband and I live in beautiful Scarborough and were definitely lured to the Redcliffe Peninsula.

After moving from the Central Coast of NSW in 1988 and living in several different locations including Chermside, Petrie & Morayfield, we spent many a weekend on the Redcliffe Peninsula as the children were growing up.

Our favourite place to take them was the Tree Climbing Park at Scarborough so it’s no coincidence that Scarborough was the place we finally settled in 2016 and where we have built our dream home.

My business is training and educating people in personal money management, and helping them move forward in their financial journey, whether that be paying down debt, home ownership or planning for their future.

My passion and purpose is to set people free from the stress of constantly worrying about money, living pay to pay, sleepless nights and relationship issues. Whether you’re in business, single or married, or just the regular mum and dad raising kids and trying to make ends meet, everyone needs to be in control of their money, free of debt and moving forward in their money journey instead of going backward or just standing still.

I also co-host a podcast called ‘Succeed with Money’ where we teach money principles based around getting out of the money-stress cycle and on the path to financial success.

Living in Scarborough and  just 500m from some of the best coffee/eating haunts on the Peninsula, we can often be found at Sea Salt & Vine, Brads Breakfast & Burger Bar (they do THE best breakfast and so well priced), and Bazil & Co who, if you are Coeliac like me and require gluten free food, have the most beautiful range of locally made cakes and slices I have ever tasted.

I love just taking a walk around the local area, 500m in any direction will take me to the water’s edge and to just sit and reflect is a great unwind for me. I also love biking along the beautiful bikeways. Sunday morning breakfast on the Scarborough waterfront is also a great way to start the day. And of course, and probably the place I love best, would have to be my rocking chair on my back verandah, sipping a great Chai Latte and watching the ships sail by on Moreton Bay!

You can find me on the links provided and I’d love to have a chat with you and help you along in your financial journey.

“Do what you love and love what you do – I believe knowing your passion and purpose is the key to a successful life – Carolyn Moes, The Money Lady”

W: https://carolynmoescsp.com.au/

E: [email protected]







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