The Moreton Bay Foundation [TMBF] was launched on Friday 30th Aug 2019 at the Brisbane Town Hall. The event was labeled “A brighter future for the Bay” with the opening by His Excellency The Honorable Paul de Jersey AC, Governor of Queensland.

Not to take away from other world heritage listed areas like the Barrier Reef and Fraser Island, the Moreton Bay is a jewel in the crown of Brisbane,and it is right at our doorstep. We all know that, for example Moreton Island is as good as it gets and we in Bris Vegas keep this a hidden secret. But you just have to visit any cruise itinerary and already the popularity of the Morton Bay region is growing as we can tell by the number of cruise ships leaving other capital cities for a 4-day cruise to Moreton Bay and the related islands. Our traditional custodians of the Moreton Bay, the Quandamooka Community have known for thousands of years the rich biodiversity, jewel this region has and TMBF has partnered with the traditional owners in formation of the foundation.

Image credit : Moreton Bay Foundation

To emphasis the importance of the Bay on our lifestyle, it is important that everybody is respectful of the environment in all its aspects, turtles, dugong, shorebirds, Ramsar and migratory birds, native flora and fauna , marine life, etc and our behavior must be mindful as we go about our activities around the shores and on the bay. The Moreton Bay Foundation [TMBF] encompasses the area from Caloundra to the Gold Coast and cover 5 regional councils and TMBF vision is to make the region an international treasure by having it listed on the world heritage list. When you view the bay from that aspect, this region is up there like other world heritage landmarks. And yes,we can make this place a better home now and for future generations.

  • TMBF will create and develop the priorities &resources for universities to generate evidence-based research and allow users of Moreton Bay to benefit for this research.
  • With this research information,improve communication of the information, between and to the community, its users, Local Government Councils, Governments etc
  • Identify the values and raise awareness to users of the value Moreton Bay has and reduce the threats. Include behavioral sciences in the delivery of the messages to users, community etc
  • Measure the capacity load of the Moreton Bay and provide feedback and guidance to the users of the Bay with respect to fishing, visitor capacity etc to maintain and improve the outlook for the Bay
  • Understand the freshwater value and how this will better maintain the bay for all its users.

From this basis,TMBF can then retain the Bay for our children’s children and we all benefit from a sustainable outcome, tourism etc. It is cities that embrace its nature that survive.

For further information and membership details please visit their web site at  on the site there is a very good podcast from which to launch your knowledge base.

Article by: Colin Scobie


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