PepperJelly Baskets are a fantastic way to celebrate a day outdoors at one of the many great picnic spots in and around The Redcliffe Peninsula. What better way to enjoy an afternoon on the waterfront! Find yourself a spot along the beachfront and pull out a blanket or sit at one of the many table and chairs dotted along the foreshore. If the beach isn’t your thing there are plenty of seaside parks to choose from.

Example of one of Pepper Jelly’s amazing baskets


Basket for 2

  • Locally sourced Hard/soft/Blue cheese
  • Fresh local fruits and vegetable
  • Signature jelly
  • Fresh made dip
  • 2 types of fresh baked biscuits
  • Antipasto delights

If you are wanting a bigger basket for more people PepperJelly can certainly discuss cost and options. Any dietary choices or requirements will be handled with care and understanding.

PepperJelly has sprung from a love of food and the necessity to be able to deliver quality catering to your door. PepperJelly pride themselves on sourcing fresh produce daily and value for money. The thing that makes PepperJelly stand alone is that they handpick unique ingredients that you can’t find every day. PepperJelly work with meat free and plant based products, their platters and catering is a great way to try something different you will be surprised by just what PepperJelly can create.

What if all you needed to do next time you have a party is put on that dress you have been dying to wear and await the arrival of your amazing friends and family, PepperJelly will do the hunting and gathering to bring you the freshest yummiest delicacies possible that are currently in season. With a long history of working with food and loving the idea of bringing platters to life. PepperJelly custom tailor them to each individuals taste and ideas.

A few words from Meg from PepperJelly

PepperJelly are excited to finally be ready to share with you all, once you get to know us and understand what we are about we are sure you will love what we have to offer the community, we look forward to moving into event management and party planning, with excessive experience in function management and a love of creating dreams with people and watching faces light up with smiles as those dreams become reality we are excited to show you all just what we can do.

Pepperjelly has volunteered with Assistasista (now known as RizeUpAustralia) and helped bring their annual fundraising Gala to life, Assistasista is an amazing organization that re-homes families afflicted with domestic violence. In the coming months we are looking forward to getting more involved with the community and volunteering for charities close to our hearts.

We will work closely with you for any requests you may have for your dietary choices or allergies etc. Whatever these requirements are we will always be excited to build something special for you. Please watch this space for our brand new website coming soon!

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Call: 0422 494 470

Services we offer:

• Picnic baskets for that special day out with a loved one $60.00

• Party cheese platters for 4 or more. Starting price $100.00

• Wedding favors (Cost varies)

• Children’s birthday day party catering



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