India Avery and Ella Jones are “IndiElla” ~ a young Acoustic- Pop Duo with talent to spare!

IndiElla on The X Factor Australia 2016

Having made the Top 8 Groups in X-Factor 2016 and gathering a huge following of fans, they are certain to blow you away with their beautiful blend of soulful, vocal harmonies and well-refined guitar skills. They are multi-instrumentalist step-sisters in fine harmony with their natural gift for music, coming from a family of professional musicians. The girls perform regularly on Brisbane stages, at Festivals and local gigs and have an EP in the works right now!
 indiella indiella
In 2017 IndiElla sailed from Sydney to Vanuatu performing with Cruisin’ Country 7.

They also toured parts of Queensland with X-Factor vocalist Dean Ray during 2015 and 2016. With an ever-expanding set list, IndiElla’s fan base is growing too, with lots of musical opportunities developing for the ladies as they continue to amaze their audiences across the land and sea.

Listen to IndiElla’s repertoire here or check out their YouTubechannel!


An Australian Musical Duo from Brisbane, India & Ella are multi-instrumentalist step-sisters who, in fine harmony, share their passion for music. IndiElla takes bookings and can be contacted here.

Take 5 with IndiElla

Redcliffe born or Redcliffe-lured?

We are step-sisters who are both Redcliffe-born and raised! Our music career started here with many local busking opportunities and events.

What does your business/job involve?

Our job involves performing at many different types of events including the Festival of SailsPark Vibes and a wide range of Brisbane food joints. We also busk regularly because we enjoy performing any time and anywhere!

Suburb you live in and why you love it?

We mainly live in Rothwell, however, Ella‘s split-household allows her to relax on the waterfront of Redcliffe at her dad’s house!

How do you unwind?

We unwind by singing, joking around or even heading out to the Redcliffe waterfront to grab a bite to eat!

Best coffee haunt in town / best watering hole in town?

 Best watering-hole/restaurant in town would definitely have to be Sushi Central!

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