I would normally write a blog about the health and wellness issues that we are concerned about as a community and I am sure you would agree that farmers suffering in drought conditions well and truly qualify for our concern.  In this instance I include farmers, their families and those people who support and are supported by farmers.

There is no doubt our drought affected farmers will be suffering physically as well as the enormous mental health issues that they must have to deal with in these tough times.

We know that our physical and mental states are connected and when we are not well those around us may also be affected.

As a community we are making all the right noises and it appears that many groups and community organizations like The Salvation Army are fully committed to assisting our farmers, and this is terrific.

During the last few weeks my exercise group has committed to helping out one farmer and his family with a direct donation of cash.  This cash will come from donations and a “Fighting For Farmers” aerobic boxing session we are holding at 6pm 29th August at Suttons Beach.

The session costs $10 and all money collected on the night will be handed over to our chosen farmer.  So far we have collected $235.00 from people who cannot attend the session.

A cash donation direct to the farmer allows them to have more purchasing power and the injection of funds in the community helps their support system.

About the Author
Tom Law came to Australia as a three-year-old, from Scotland. Settling in Geraldton, Western Australia, after finishing school he completed an apprenticeship as an electrician before marrying his wife, Margaret, and joining the Australian Army. After 21 years of service in the Royal Australian Corps of Signals, and having been awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his services to training, Thomas went back to civilian life, working in his own business, then council and eventually managing a gym. For the last 20 years, Tom has continued his education in the health and wellness field, and works today in his own fitness business, Tom’s Law.


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