When you look in the mirror,
What do you see?
How does your reflection make you feel?
Do you find yourself opting for a chair more often than a walk?
Have you lapsed back into bad eating habits?
At Snap Fitness Redcliffe we have been thriving off improving our members’ self confidence, fitness & health for 5 great years. Understanding your weaknesses and strengths, and helping you achieve your happy place. Your life is there to live, and we encourage all of you to embrace who you are, and allow us to direct you to becoming only the best version! The SFR team is made up of hundreds of individuals just like yourself. The Janine’s & Jo’s of Redcliffe – achieving incredible things & living their happiest lifestyle. A simple result of commitment & routine. We wake up and enjoy every day together, challenging, helping and supporting each other to be better. No matter our age, fitness level, experience, goals, gender or workout attire. At SFR everyone fits.
Because everyone wants to wake up feeling their best selves. Fitter ~ Stronger ~ Together is our motto. We invite you to join us and feel what it’s like to enjoy your body again. You’ve got it – You just need that place that makes all of your self worth, confidence, strength & happiness come flooding back again! The best asset we can ever work on in life – is ourselves. Our members are walking proof that making the decision to start, is the hardest part – but the most rewarding. Once you’re here achieving your goals & feeling your best – you won’t want to leave!
  • Locally owned & operated
  • Fully inclusive Team training
  • 24/7 gym access (World wide!)
  • Personal training
  • Myzone Exercise Tracking System
  • Complimentary Kids Creche
  • Trusted Workout Program App
  • Super friendly & motivational staff
  • Incredible training vibes!
  • Being healthy never felt so good
Love yourself again – Live the SFR life!
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Phone:  0412088010


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