D’NY Collections Have 3 Stunning Bracelets To Win For Mum!

d'ny collections

D’NY Collections are a Brisbane based company supplying Wholesale Handmade Fashion Bracelets and Jewellery to Fashion Boutiques and Gift Shops throughout Australia.

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Take 5 with Debbie Haworth & Penny Branson

Redcliffe born or Redcliffe-lured?

Debbie: Redcliffe-lured, born in the UK.



What does your business/job involve?


Suburb you live in and why you love it?

Debbie: I live in Margate and love that we live so close we can walk down to the beach. Something that I never had in the UK. Love living on the peninsula, something that we only ever dreamed off whilst living in the UK.

How do you unwind?

Debbie: I unwind at the gym. Member at The Fitness Hub in Redcliffe. Have a new grandson who I want to cuddle every minute of every day lol, love spending time with my family.

Best coffee haunt in town / best watering hole in town?

 Debbie: Best coffee haunt is Sea Salt & Vine at Scarborough, love Merlo. They have amazing food there too, service is second to none. The best Watering hole has to be Mon Komo or Cactus Jacks. It’s all about supporting local businesses. The great thing is unless you are clothes shopping you really don’t need to leave the peninsula. It has everything here that we need.
 d'ny collections d'ny collections d'ny collections

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