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I have had the pleasure of knowing Tenielle from Essential Bowen through a few community & local business groups in Redcliffe. Tenielle is extremely passionate about helping her clients to help align and release their bodies.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is unique, requiring minimum intervention to gain maximum results. Using a series of gentle but precise moves from the base of the neck down to the toes, allowing a rest period in between activates the body’s own innate healing system to re-align and re-balance. Tenielle from Essential Bowen is bringing to Redcliffe a range of complementary therapies and classes.

Take 5 with Tenielle Dorling

Redcliffe born or Redcliffe-lured?

Redcliffe Lured. Born in the southern Highlands of NSW and travelled extensively until meeting a local Redcliffe Born to whom I am engaged

What does your business/job involve?

As a Bowen Therapist, I work daily with Clients to help realign and release their body to come back to a more natural, balanced and centred function. Effectively CTRL Alt Del for the body. Working with gentle moves to trigger the Body’s own system into healing itself. Working with understanding the body and educating you how to better. Essential Bowen as wellness Centre also offers Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish Massage, Yoga, Meditations and Laughter Yoga (which is my other love). Stocking such products as Menstrual Cup, Airphones, Magic sponges and Safe soda alongside Hair Strand Analysis to help each individual take control of their health from multiple aspects and also connecting with Special guests in wellness to present at events here.

Suburb you live in and why you love it?

I live in Margate and have only recently moved there from Kippa-Ring 6 months ago. I could live anywhere on the Peninsula as I have fallen in love with it all. I love the peninsula for the laid-back lifestyle and community feel. The open spaces and yet so close to everything

How do you unwind?

I love to unwind by walking on the beach enjoying a cuppa or meal at some of our great spaces.

Best coffee haunt in town / best watering hole in town?

My Favourite hang out is actually Diversity Cafe

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