Bromwich to cherish Dolphins’ season 2024

Published 3:00pm 25 January 2024

Bromwich to cherish Dolphins’ season 2024
Words by Kylie Knight

Dolphins NRL Captain Jesse Bromwich says the 2024 season will likely be his last, so he’s planning to cherish it and hopefully lead his side to the finals.

He spoke to Moreton Daily after training today about the season ahead, how the new guys are settling in, and managing a body which has played more than 300 games at the top level.

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“It’s been a bit of different preseason for myself … still nursing a couple of injuries from last year but I’m feeling pretty good,” he says.

Elbow niggles have kept him out of contact training, but he’s hoping that won’t be for too much longer.

“I just had a Cortisone injection a couple of days ago so, at the moment, I’m just on a bit of ice until they settle down. Hopefully, I can start getting back into it and start building up and getting some contact (training) before we head into the trials,” Bromwich says.

He says, with the first year behind them, the squad and coaching staff have ramped up the intensity this preseason and are in much better shape ahead of round one.

“The intensity’s gone up. Last year, being a new team and everyone coming together for the first time – especially as the first time was post-Christmas – we hadn’t even had any structures yet. We were having to learn all that whilst trying to build combinations, whilst trying to build a base for the season,” he explains.

“It was hard to find that intensity when we were learning so much.”

Younger members of the squad have gained a year of NRL experience and are better for it.

“All of them have come back to preseason in good nick. Everyone’s weights have been right on-point and we’ve been able to jump straight in to a high-intensity style of training, which has been what the coach has asked for,” Bromwich says.

“The boys have turned up with a really good attitude and ready to improve on what we did last year.”

Bromwich to cherish Dolphins’ season 2024

Fresh faces, fresh energy

Newcomers Tom Flegler, Herbie Farnworth and Jake Averillo have also brought fresh energy.

“It’s really good to have some world-class players come and join the club. Obviously, they perform on the field but what they bring with them in terms of off-field professionalism and intensity at training (is also important),” Bromwich says.

“I’m a front rower, I work closely with a guy like Fleggy. He’s quite physical in the way he trains, which is good for our young front rowers to watch him and learn what it takes to become a world-class player.

“With Herbie and Avo - all these boys that have come - they’ve all brought that. It takes a little bit of pressure off the leadership group. It shows the young guys, this is the way.”

Bromwich, 34, is enjoying leading a group of humble, hardworking players.

“I really enjoy working with those types of teams. I really enjoy the way the team comes together and are willing to just get through the work,” he says.

“It’s a really young sort of team too. A few of us older fellas in the team, being around all these young guys helps keep you young too. I think most of them are closer in age to my eldest son than me. He’s turning 13. I’m certainly the old man around the place.”

Bromwich will be looking for more consistency from his team this year.

“Mostly to improve on what we did last year. If I look back on last year, we started the season really well. We had some really good patches last year. I’d like to consistently see more of that over the season,” he explains.

“The goal in any team, all the NRL teams, is top eight. We’re no different. I’m not going to go around putting pressure on the boys to say we’ve got to do this. All we’ve got to do is improve on what we did last year.”

Bromwich to cherish Dolphins’ season 2024

Groundswell support

The club’s inaugural season captured the imagination of fans beyond the Redcliffe Peninsula and their support had a lasting impact on the team.

“When I look back on last season, I think one of the biggest things for us that we had going was the amount of support and the way that the community really got behind us.

“You thought it was going to go away after maybe round one or two, but the whole year it was outstanding.

“That round one game against the Roosters last year was one of the most memorable wins I’ve ever been a part of, outside of Grand Final wins. I’d like to see the boys and the club keep looking at ways of improving on that.

“It was outstanding for the first year.”

So, what does he still love about playing after more than 300 games?

“It was always just a dream of mine to be an NRL player. As you start getting closer to the end, you start to cherish it a bit more,” Bromwich says.

“Turning up here with the boys and, as I say, they keep me young. It’s an awesome job. You stay fit and healthy.

“I’m just cherishing what looks like will be my last preseason and really looking forward to getting out there this season and just enjoying it.”

While brother Kenny likely still has another playing year beyond season 2024, the Bromwich boys are hoping to work together in life after footy.

“I’ve been doing a carpentry apprenticeship for a while now, since I was down in Melbourne, and I’ve carried that on up here. I’ll probably look at initially finishing that off and see how we go. I’d love to work for myself one day. Ken’s doing his too, so maybe linking up with Ken,” Bromwich says.

“I dare say we’ll be still working together after we wrap this up.”

See the photo gallery from training today

Photos by Dominika Lis


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