Gym plans heavy lifting party

Published 6:00am 7 June 2024

Gym plans heavy lifting party
Words by Nick Crockford

Pictured above: Jack Tocknell training at Storiestrong in Clontarf.

Storiestrong will be putting on a heavyweight show of strength for its fifth birthday celebrations in Clontarf next month.

The gym will host Redcliffe’s Biggest Deadlift on Saturday July 6 with some of Australia’s strongest weightlifters chasing $4000 prize money. 

Stars include Theo Maddox, from the Sunshine Coast, who has won competitions on both sides of the Tasman and recently deadlifted 417.5kgs.

Tommy-Lee McGrath, last year’s winner of the total lift and DOTS (the power-to-weight formula) events is returning to defend his titles.

So too Lee Musgrave who won the female total lift last year. But Anna Bailey, the female DOTS winner last year, has pulled out to focus on the national titles.

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With free entry for spectators, Storiestrong director/co-owner Max Gawdry says will be “the biggest competition we’ve ever hosted”.

“We’ve even added an additional flight to the (birth)day, meaning we’ll have an extra 50 per cent of lifters.”

At the time of writing, 35 had entered and 10 places remained, but Max said “they should be gone in a couple of weeks.

“I’d say about half the field will be average gym goers, but Tommy-Lee … he pulled 345kgs last year and I’ve got a feeling he’s chasing 350kgs (this time).

“We also have a cash prize for the biggest grind (final strenuous effort to complete a lift) to entice guys who might be a bit scared, to come and pull some weight.”

Deadlift is the technique of lifting a loaded barbell off the ground to level with the hips and back down again.

At Storiestrong, newer lifters hit around 120kgs, some competitive women are up around 200kgs and competition men are lifting more than 400kgs.

One member, Jack Tocknell will be back in Redcliffe’s Biggest Deadlift. He lifted 260kgs two years ago but is aiming for “closer to 300kgs” next month.

“I weigh 75kgs so that might put me on the podium in the power-to-weight ratio event,” ‘Jacko’ says.

“I’ve been going to the gym for five years but taken it seriously with Max for the last two.”

‘Jacko’ trains five times a week and deadlifts twice a week, with his ultimate aim “to go to the world championships”.

Lifters are expected at 22A Storie St for Redcliffe’s Biggest Deadlift around 3pm on July 6 with the competition from 4-6pm. Free entry for spectators.

There will be four categories – total lift winners for male and female competitors as well as power-to-weight ratio winners.

Storiestrong started “in a little shed across the road, but this year has expanded at 22A Storie St to provide for powerlifting/strength, as well as body building.


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