50 Plus Fitter is Australia’s only senior specific Gymnastics club. We deliver an exciting falls prevention movement program that is tailored to those 50 years and up and based on the fundamental principles of Gymnastics. With us, you won’t find any cartwheels or handstands, but all good structured sports have foundations and this is what our classes are built on. Classes are designed to include all participants and currently we teach adults from 50 years of age, through to 93 – all with various levels of fitness and mobility.

50 Plus fitter

Each week our Redcliffe Instructor, Abby, delivers classes with exciting activities and games which keep the body moving and the brain engaged. From pom pom shooters, to hula hoops and brain games, our participants always comment that it doesn’t feel like a work out, because there’s so much laughter and the social aspect is so prominent. However, throughout the hour long class we all work together to increase strength and flexibility and improve hand, eye coordination, balance and posture. You’ll find that the activities that are included in class mirror the movements needed in daily life and utilize a full range of motions in a safe environment. We love to laugh, we love to chat, but we get work done!

50 Plus fitter

50 Plus Fitter began in 2015, delivering classes in the Manly Bay area. Soon, our Managing Director Katie felt that it was time to expand and took classes to Cleveland, Aged Care Facilities and other community organizations before teaming up with Abby to introduce the program to Redcliffe this year. Morning classes are held at our local Woody Point Memorial Hall, with our evening classes still in eyeshot to the water being held at the QCWA Clontarf Branch Hall.

50 Plus fitter

All participants are encouraged to go at their own pace, but are still able to challenge themselves with the support and guidance of their 50 Plus Fitter family. All of our participants are unique and have their own goals varying from improving balance, to having the energy to play with their grandchildren and some are working on the strength to stand up and sit down unaided. Whatever the goal, we are committed to understanding what drives and challenges each participant to deliver a great class for everyone!

50 Plus fitter

We are driven by the prospect of helping the older adults in our community maintain or improve their confidence and independence. To help 50 Plus Fitter to continue to be such a great source of information and support, we have teamed up with local business Complete Rehab Allied Health Professionals and Paddington based Musculoskeletal Therapist from Recuperate Health & Wellbeing to support us in any area that may fall outside our scope of practice. Our goal is not to be just another fitness club, we aim to be a great source of continued support and information for our community. It has been an exciting time of meeting new members of the community and implementing new classes, but Redcliffe has opened us with open arms and as our classes continue to grow, we are only becoming more excited for upcoming projects and collaborations in the future.




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