Hi, I’m Carmel Bullivant and I’m a self-confessed ‘raffle addict’! It started out innocently enough, somewhere to take my wheelchair-bound mother on a Saturday.


  1. Must be able to park
  2. Must have access to alcohol
  3. Must be air-conditioned
  4. Must be fun!

My good friend Gail suggested “Take her to the meat tray raffles at the Redcliffe Leagues Club! My mother and her friends go all the time!”

So with my sister, Denise enlisted to help me, and despite our mothers’ protests of “I don’t want to go there!” (what can she do, she has to go where we take her..shes in a godamn wheelchair) we entered the underground world of Meat Raffles!

I’m not one to ‘mince words’……The ‘raffle regulars’ were not welcoming. It didn’t help we chose to sit at a table religiously occupied by Edna and Dottie along with Edna’s live at home son, Howard (who we have renamed Sir Loin’ on account he wins so many roasts)

Raffle etiquette acknowledged we moved seats.

It also didn’t help that on my way to the bar I enthusiastically asked the lady with a table covered in rabbit’s feet, lucky waving cats and other unusual charm type items “are you allowed to sell things here?”

Make no mis steak….people are serious here! One ‘Mega Meat Tray’ win and we were hooked! Bringing home the bacon week after week is very exciting! Until suddenly you don’t win…….. A few weeks of not winning, and we were ‘stewing’ and the friendly banter between tables took on a jealous edge Well Done” we said through gritted teeth… Let’s face it there is a lot at steak here.

Losing is the ‘wurst’….. It didn’t take long before the nieces, nephews, and grandkids knew where they would be sure to find mother, Denise and I on a Saturday morning.

Mother is no ‘Spring Chicken’, and its easy to ‘ruffle her feathers’, but she has come to enjoy our Saturday mornings at the Leagues club. Though I think it has more to do with the moscato we ply her with than the wins!

We have been going to the ‘Raff Raffs’ (as they have become affectionately known) every week for a year now, unable to shake the thrill of winning. The wins are not ‘rare’……as are also not the inevitable B.B.Que which follows because none of us can cook, but those Raff Raffs have brought our family together in a way I didn’t expect.

So if you want to ‘Hop in for you’re Chop’…….Meat us there! there is still plenty of spare tables.

JUST KNOW we sit in the couches next to the Keno on the cafe side – so don’t sit there!!


carmel-bullivantCarmel Bullivant

‘Hi I’m Carmel’ I’ve lived on the peninsula since I was 6 years old. My only claim to fame is creating ‘The Fishbowl’. I’ve been away for the last 10 years, but here I am again! Hope you enjoy my observations…

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