Grandkids are a lot of fun and really keep you on your toes.  We don’t always get to see ours on a regular basis because some of them live in NSW and Bahrain.  But recently the grandkids have all been here together and we have had a blast.

My children and their children were born in the computer age and they can all show Noni and Poppy a thing or two about computers and I pads and all things electronic, and they like to spend a lot of time on their various electronic gadgets.

For a few days a year the grandkids go back in time when they visit us because we still see the great outdoors as the playground for kids to learn, develop skills and mingle with other children.  Don’t get me wrong their parents love them to be outdoors too but they often have to use substantial encouragement to get the children off their electronic devices.

The last few days have been memorable, we played soccer, raced each other around the park, played hide and seek and had a lot of fun and enjoyment using every piece of play equipment we came across at a number of public parks.   I am sure as they return to their homes, they will remember the great time they had.   My wife and I will remember this holiday with our grandkids.  They were a joy to be around and even when it was time for bed they went quietly.  So did we, and not an I Pad in sight.

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Tom Law came to Australia as a three-year-old, from Scotland. Settling in Geraldton, Western Australia, after finishing school he completed an apprenticeship as an electrician before marrying his wife, Margaret, and joining the Australian Army. After 21 years of service in the Royal Australian Corps of Signals, and having been awarded an Order of Australia Medal for his services to training, Thomas went back to civilian life, working in his own business, then council and eventually managing a gym. For the last 20 years, Tom has continued his education in the health and wellness field, and works today in his own fitness business, Tom’s Law.


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