About 2 years ago a little egg was laid little did this little egg know that he would change a woman’s life forever. Couple of months passed and a little parrot hatched it was the most hideous little creature ever seen.

Newly hatched baby Manko the blue and gold Macaw

See Manko was to be a very special bird for Catherine and her family. And was kindly donated to them from a very special friend aviculturalist and bird breeder.

He had seen and researched their potential as a service/support birds for people suffering with PTSD Depression and Anxiety and thought Manko would make for a great light at the end of their tunnel.


Catherine and her childeren were exposed to severe domestic violence and it has taken its toll on them all. Coming from disaster suffering from emotional physical spiritual and financial abuse Manko has given Catherine new hope new goals in life and new friends. “Without him life just wouldn’t be as amazing as it is now.” Catherine said.


But there’s a problem

In australia only dogs can be legally registered as service/support animals which is quite unfair.

These days alot of people suffer from allergies with animal fur or are living in units which makes it hard to own a dog.

Dogs life spans are relatively shot being average between 8 and 13 years where as a macaw or any other larger parrot life from 50 -150 years. Having any animal die is a terrible loss, but one that has been used as your crutch a shoulder to lean on an animal you need just to be able to face the day dies its literally the end of the world for their carers.

Potentially Parrots if cared for well correct food exercise (flying) yearly vet visits the owner wont ever have to deal with this loss and they form a bond for life.

They are just as capable performing the same duties a dog can for people suffering with ptsd depression and anxiety they provide safety and make their owners feel secure in public. They are also are able to be harnessed trained and can wear a poopsuit for when out in public and shopping centers

Australia needs these dog only rules changed as they are outdated and biased for dog lovers only.

photo above Manko in his poopsuit and harness underneath

Here’s what we’re doing about it

Catherine is raising awareness about how Manko has changed her life. Every time she goes out with him everyone is always stopping her asking alot of questions about him.

Hopefully with enough awareness and support she and others can legally have their birds registered as service animals to help with their mental illnesses too.

Catherine’s trying to start a macaw modeling/photography business with Manko to raise money for herself and other domestic violence survivors and needs help with the initial set up costs (abn, trademake name, public liabilities and insurance) all of which are quite costly.

Please go to www.instagram.com/i_met_manko/ to see their amazing journey and the people they meet. And if you ever meet Manko make sure you get a photo and tag it on social media spread the love.

Also a % of money raised will also go to local bird club Brisbane Bird Social Club.

You can join us

With donating and raising funds to help make Catherines dream job/business a reality.

help support her and many others who will benefit from these potential legislation changes.


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