The ‘Vampire Facial’ or ‘Vampire Facelift’ or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), has been made famous by celebrities across the globe, most famously, Kim Kardashian after she posted photos of herself on social media with her face covered in blood. I have to be honest when I first saw those photos I was intrigued.

                                                           Photo credit Instagram @KimKardashian

PRP has developed quite a following amongst celebrities in Hollywood and is now gaining popularity here in Australia. The correct name is Cosmetic Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and it is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment that rejuvenates the skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance. I found this claim to be pretty amazing, so off I went to SKIN medical aesthetics Scarborough for a treatment with the gorgeous Nicole.

Nicole took some of my blood, just like a normal blood test and then spun it in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP which contains a large concentration of growth factors and platelets integral to healing and skin regeneration.

While this spinning was going on I bombarded Nicole with questions.

Nicole cleaned my face and neck area ready for the treatment and after my skin was cleaned and dried Nicole applied a really strong local anaesthetic cream to all the areas that she was going to treat. The treatment was overall painless and over really quickly. Don’t get me wrong there were areas that made me wince BUT not bad enough to make you ask for the process to be stopped. I found myself breathing quite heavily due to the numbing making the insides of my nose feel like it was congested. My lips were really numb too, luckily as the area around the lips is quite sensitive and I did feel a pinch or two around my lips.

The PRP is injected into the areas to be treated via a Crystal Injector with 5 point needle tip.The device holds a syringe that contains the PRP and it is delivered to the deepest dermal layers of your skin via the 5 needles. You tell the practitioner what areas of your face and/or neck that you have concerns about and they will pay extra attention to those areas.  I had concerns about the dark circles under my eyes so Nicole injected these areas using a every fine needle. As we had some of my plasma left over Nicole did the tops of my hands, because who doesn’t want younger looking hands! The process was painless on my hands (no numbing cream used) and the next day I only had a few really little reds dots on the tops of my hands.

I took a number of selfies during the process to document it. If you have a fear of blood or the thought of seeing your face looking all red is upsetting, don’t let this put you off because you wouldn’t normally get to see the mess on your face, this would be all cleaned off prior to looking in the mirror post procedure. The whole process took about one hour to complete from start to finish.

My left hand before – during – after. The white areas are my Vitiligo.

It is normal for some people to experience mild bruising in treated areas and this should subside in a few days. The area near my left eye looked really bruised straight after treatment but by the time I got home there was only a little bruise there. My face, lips and neck remained numb until I went to bed that night. I woke the next morning with no redness, swelling or soreness on my face, and just one very small bruise near my left eye and I was able to go grocery shopping without makeup.

How does it work?

PRP contains a high proportion of cytokines, white blood cells and growth factors vital for the regeneration of tissue. Growth factors in the PRP stimulate cells called dermal fibroblasts, increasing their replication and production of collagen and elastin. These are responsible for tissue strength and elasticity, which are often lost in aging. PRP also stimulates adipocytes which are responsible for facial fullness and reduction of naso-labial folds and smile lines. The result is tissue growth, a reduction in wrinkles and a more youthful complexion!

PRP treatments can be done on the back of the hands, the neckface, and décolletage for skin rejuvenation. It can also be done on the scalp for hair growth, and can be used to treat reduce scars and stretch marks!

When compared to current mainstream cosmetic treatments such as muscle relaxants and fillers, PRP differs in several ways:

  • PRP treatment is natural and harmless. PRP is made from a sample of your own blood, without any additives, so there is no risk of an allergic reaction.
  • PRP does not work by reducing the movement of the muscles of facial expression, so will not result in paralysis.
  • Its effects last longer. While the effects may take several weeks to develop, they last longer than muscle relaxants or fillers.











I will be posting a follow up blog when I go back for the second treatment.


Would I do it again? Yes most definately – but beauty does come at a price. PRP treatment will cost you $475 per area for a single session, or $1200 for 3 sessions. If you ask Nicole nicely she may treat an additional areas for you for free. PRP is something that you might need to budget for BUT you will reap the benefits for a very long time afterwards, as after the initial 3 sessions you only need one session a year to maintain!!

Hi! I’m Nicole  I am a cosmetic Registered Nurse & the proud owner of SKIN medical aesthetics Scarborough.

My team of cosmetic doctors & I will be looking after you for all your anti ageing, wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy (aka the Vampire Facial) 💉We are in a discreet location, and offer relaxed complimentary consultations, I won’t ever make you feel rushed!

Make an appointment with me online at & we can discuss a treatment plan to suit your needs.

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