What better way to spend a day out than by doing something good for the community and helping our struggling Strawberry Farmers and their little town of Wamuran? And how good are freshly picked sweet strawberries?
There are many Strawberry farms in and around the Glasshouse Mountains and it’s a wonderful day out.

Driving through the farming area it’s hard not to be heart broken by the fruit left to die on the plants because the farmers can’t sell them to the supermarkets. It is truly devastating and with the discussion continuing on this there are many farms that weren’t part of the shutdown that are suffering. They have no option but to walk away from their crops. We can all help by heading to them and picking our own fresh delicious perfect strawberries. Some have pre-picked trays available that you can buy if you’re not keen on picking your own.

I must admit I picked my own strawberries and after weighing them my hand-picked tray of beautiful “Ruby Red” delicious strawberries came to over 3 kg. Over 3 kg for $10. And these are the sweetest strawberries which we don’t get in the shops.

Whilst driving around the area, there are many farms and most sell roadside so on a day out you can also stock up on other fruit and vegetable supplies as well.

An easy search on Google of Strawberry Farms north Brisbane will bring up all the farms, then it’s an easy click to see if they’re open to the public. Most are at the moment and should be this weekend. Or if you choose to head up that way there are plenty of signs that will point you in the right direction.

♥ The fabulous War on Waste Queen, Amanda Schultz is doing her part and her “Luvaberry” farm is open Friday 8.30am – 12 pm and Saturday 8.30am-12 pm and 3pm – 5pm. Her carpark only holds about 15 cars max so some patience might be required there.

♥ Strawberry farm at 434 Bribie Island Rd (across from Shell servo) TIMES: 7am-5pm

♥ Taste N See Farms, Stern Rd Bellmere have a shop you can buy from

♥ 109 Turnbull road Wamuran $7 a crate pick u own

♥ 226 child Rd Wamuran $10 a crate

♥ Austberry Strawberry Farm, 330 childs road, Wamuran. A Box of 8 punnets x 500g seconds for $8 or $1 per punnet. We are here from 7am to 2pm everyday!

♥ 68 Patane Rd, Wamuran. Call to inquire (07) 5496 6093

♥ Rolin Farms,124-190 rutters road, Elimbah, QLD 4516, AU. Call to inquire (07) 5497 4253

♥ Strawberry Fields Australia , 133 Laxton Rd Palmview, Exit 190 off Bruce Highway. Call to inquire (07) 5494 5146

♥ 347 King Road Wamuran to help our local farmers out and to stock up on the best fruit Ever.

♥ Stothart Family Farms Pty Ltd, BY ARRANGED TIME PICK-UP please message via FB page, Loose strawberries trays of about 4-6kgs $7

Guest post by: Robyn Baker from Busy Connecting

Phone : 0412 178477

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